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Welcome to APACE

The Association of Policing & Crime Chief Executives (APACE) is the professional body which represents chief executives and other senior staff within the Offices of Police and Crime Commissioners (OPCCs). The Association elects an officer group each year to lead them and employs a research and coordination officer who coordinates activities on behalf of the Association.

(The Association was formerly known as the Association of Police Authority Chief Executives. Police authorities were replaced by elected Police and Crime Commissioners on 22 November 2012. The role of chief executive remained and is preserved in statute).

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Who we are

The Association's aims are to:

AIM 1: Provide professional support and development for its members in their role of providing advice, technical, legal, procedural and administrative support to the offices of police and crime commissioners

AIM 2: Liaise and work closely on behalf of its members with any bodies representing the interests of police and crime commissioners, chief officers and police and crime panels, any body representing the interests of police and crime commissioner's chief finance officers, government departments and other relevant bodies

AIM 3: Provide a forum for professional debate within its membership and with partner organisations in policing, local and central government

AIM 4: Represent and promote the interests of its members to key stakeholders and partners involved in the governance of policing and crime


What we do

Our mission is to:-

Support and develop PCC chief executives so that they can provide their PCCs with the necessary legal, technical and specialist capability. To develop a clear role in working side by side with national bodies and stakeholders on issues where APACE members can play an advisory and technical role.

Our vision is to:-

"Attract and support strong people into chief executive roles, and help ensure that every office of police and crime commissioner has an effective executive leader, who in turn will be able to ensure their OPCC has the best governance possible".

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